Meet the Maker  

Hi, I am Niamh Duddy and I am a contemporary Jeweller from Derry, Northern Ireland, recently graduated from UCA Rochester Kent.

Making for me is a way of exploring my world, developing understanding, meaning and developing a creative voice.  This approach allows me to challenge perceptions towards defining new approaches to making within existing norms which lead to critically reflecting upon them. 

As a maker I am intrigued by the relationship that jewellery shares with the body, unlike any other art form jewellery is worn, it occupies an intimate space that is unique to each individual wearer. The complicated language of jewellery which is adornment, sentimentality and tradition. It is about adornment and consideration of the wearer as the wearer can either wear the pieces loose or participate with the piece to showcase it in its full form. This is something that as a maker I have begun to investigate and have become intrigued about how we wear jewellery and how it is almost a subconscious act. By creating pieces that required the wearer to stop and think; breaking the normal subconscious act becomes something rather interesting and starts to get the wearer to think about their objects that they want to adorn their body with.







2016-2019: First Class BA Hons Sliversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery, University for The Creative Arts Rochester

2009-2016: Oakgrove Intergated College Derry N.Ireland 


Creative Jobs:

2019 Junior assistant to Kayo Saito


2018-2019 Tea room and Gallery assistant at Sunpier House Rochester

Work Experience:

2015 February Thomas Goldmsiths Derry N. Ireland



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